On the LiquidShakers website you can use the following shipping methods:

– Envelo Courier
9,80 PLN (~3,5 USD)

Russia, Ukraine and Belarus:
– Polish Post
59,00 PLN (~15 USD)

United States, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea:
– Polish Post
59,00 PLN (~15 USD)

Other countries:
– Global Express Courier
49,99 PLN (~12,82 USD)
– Polish Post
29,98 PLN (~7,70 USD)


List of countries to which we send packages:
Australia, Iceland, Singapore, Austria, Israel, Slovakia, Belgium, Canada, Slovenia, Brazil, South Korea, Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, USA, Finland, Malta, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Great Britain, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Ireland, Portugal

If you choose PayPal, the currency in PLN will be automatically converted to the one you choose.